Student Scholarship Application Instructions

Application deadlines: April 15th and October 15th

Eligibility: All pharmacy students who are ACA or ACVP student members are eligible to apply for one of the ACA Research & Education Foundation Scholarships per academic year. The student must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. school or college of pharmacy on a full-time basis during the term that the scholarship is awarded.

Note: Students may only receive this scholarship one time, but may also receive a travel grant one time as well. Children of ACA Research & Education Foundation Officers, ACA or ACVP Officers are not eligible to participate in the program.

Award Criteria: Please visit Student Scholarship Award Criteria to review the scholarship award criteria for the scholarship for which you are applying. You should address the criteria in your letter to the Scholarship Committee.

Application Process: Apply Online

Each applicant must complete the Scholarship Application Form. In addition, the applicant must provide the following materials with the completed application:

  1. Most recent transcript of his/her college grades. This does not have to be an “official” school transcript.
  1. Letter from a school official familiar with the student’s activities. This letter should briefly describe the applicant’s extracurricular accomplishments, leadership qualities, and contributions to the school.
    Letter from a pharmacy owner or manager, preferably an ACA or ACVP Fellow. This letter should briefly describe the applicant’s accomplishments, leadership qualities, contributions to the pharmacy profession, and pharmacist’s knowledge of applicant’s interest in independent pharmacy as a career.
  1. Letter from the applicant to the ACA Research & Education Foundation Scholarship Committee outlining his/her:
    • School and civic accomplishments and goals for the future;
    • Demonstrated interest in independent pharmacy, vision for the development of innovative pharmacy practices that stress quality care leading to improved patient health outcomes, or other relevant details pertaining to the scholarship for which you are applying.
  2. Résumé or curriculum vitae describing the applicant’s work and professional experience.