National Pharmacy Non-Profits Announce Partnership for Public Health Education

PPHI & ACA Foundation

The American College of Apothecaries Research & Education Foundation (ACA Foundation) announced a partnership with the Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives | PPHI, a California-based non-profit corporation in a move designed to expand the reach of PPHI’s education and patient-directed advocacy efforts to a nationwide audience.

Paul W. Lofholm, PharmD, FACA, who currently sits on the boards of both the ACA Foundation and PPHI, is optimistic about the benefits this arrangement will provide. “Combining the resources of these two organizations will streamline the administrative processes and strengthen our commitment to supporting pharmacists in providing services designed to improve community health. Under the leadership of its founder Fred Mayer, PPHI has organized or been involved in many continuing education events and campaigns to promote health care awareness and improve public health. We believe that this partnership between PPHI and the ACA Foundation ensures that these valuable programs will serve the public for many years to come.”

Under the arrangement, the ACA Foundation and PPHI will work together to co-present selected public health education initiatives to pharmacists, other health care professionals, and members of the public.

About The American College of Apothecaries Research and Education Foundation: The ACA Foundation is a public foundation that promotes the public welfare through the development of quality services in institutions providing health care, encourages and conducts research to improve health care provided to the public and encourages health care practitioners to improve the quality and availability of services to the public.

About Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives | PPHI is a non-profit organization that promotes consumer public health education and pharmaceutical information. PPHI has been the primary architect of over 40 public health consumer education national campaigns, including the Great American Smokeout (GAS), safety caps on prescription vials, the pregnant man posters (Mr. Mom), and national cholesterol awareness month.