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Scholarships Currently Available:

ACA or ACVP Student Members:

  • Willie Osborn Student Scholarship for Entrepreneurism — $500 cash award plus travel expenses to attend an ACA or ACVP Conference 

  • George Malmberg Student Scholarship for Compounding Excellence — covers tuition and travel expenses for an ACA compounding training course

Student Scholarship Award Criteria
Online Student Scholarship Application
  • Pharmacists Mutual | ACA Foundation Community Pharmacy Scholarship
    $2,500 scholarship will be awarded at the ACA | ACVP Annual Conference & Expo (virtual in 2021) or another ACA or ACVP Conference

Community Pharmacy Scholarship Criteria & Application

Student Pharmacist Scholarship Deadlines are
April 15th and October 31st.

Camille Irizarry Vega, PharmD 2019, University of Puerto Rico Without any doubt, receiving the George Malmberg Student Scholarship for Compounding Excellence, was an opportunity to contribute to my professional development, but also to my community. Being able to learn about so many dermatological and pain management formulations will allow me to help patients with these conditions and improve their health by the art and science of compounding. I strongly believe that this experience will definitely have an impact in the people’s health and therefore, their well-being. I am truly grateful and I can not wait to take another course of compounding.
Katherine Raines, PharmD 2020, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy In February 2019, I had the privilege and the honor of attending the ACA| ACVP Annual Conference and Expo as a travel grant recipient in St. Pete Beach, FL. This scholarship allowed me to network multiple pharmacists from across the country who had experience in compounding and veterinary pharmacy. The conference reminded me of why I love this profession and why I plan to specialize in veterinary pharmacy, with an emphasis in compounding. I have made lasting connections with some of the top pharmacists in their field which I would not have had the opportunity to do so. I am looking forward to attending more conferences in the future.
Morgan J. Miller, PharmD 2018, University of Iowa College of Pharmacy In 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity of receiving the ACA Presidential Scholarship for Academic and Leadership Excellence at the ACVP Veterinary Pharmacy Conference in Memphis, TN. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to network with pharmacists and other student pharmacists from across the country who also share a passion for animals and independent pharmacy.  The conference truly opened my eyes to a branch of pharmacy that I could pursue following graduation and helped me to form a connection with some of the best pharmacists in their field.  I definitely plan to attend another conference in the future!
Hayley Terlizzi, PharmD 2020, Northeast Ohio Medical University For me, receiving the Pharmacist Mutual | ACA Foundation Community Pharmacy Travel Grant was truly life-changing. Being interested in pursuing a career in veterinary pharmacy, I knew that it was a small, close-knit world. This scholarship provided me with the means to be able to attend the ACA | ACVP Annual Conference and Expo and granted me access to that world. I had the amazing opportunity to network with individuals in the field as well as those that served as pioneers of veterinary pharmacy. I strongly believe that this experience has opened doors for me that would have previously remained elusive. The warm welcome that I received by this community just cemented the fact that I am on the right path. I can not wait to work with these individuals and organizations in my future career!
Alex Gochenauer, PharmD 2019, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy I was honored to be selected as a recipient of the ACA Presidential Scholarship for Academic and Leadership Excellence. However, it wasn’t until I arrived at ACA’s Annual Conference & Expo that I realized the true impact of this scholarship. Attending the conference provided me with networking opportunities with many influential pharmacists and a new outlook on both independent and compounding pharmacy. Following the conference, I was also able to set up a rotation at the American College of Apothecaries headquarters, which is only one of the amazing opportunities I have had as an ACA scholarship winner.


Scheffe Scholarship (for new ACA Fellows)

This program was established by Past President Walter Scheffe during the ACA’s 1997 Annual Conference to encourage new ACA Fellows to attend the ACA Conferences and to share their ideas with other Fellows of the College. Each Scheffe Scholar receives a certificate of achievement, along with a $500 check to assist them with the expenses incurred to attend the meeting.


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