Welcome to the new Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives.

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Where We Came From

We started over 50 years ago as the vision of one man, Fred Mayer, to use his education and training as a pharmacist to reshape community around him through advocacy, outreach, and sheer personality. In 2018, Fred, a long-time Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries (ACA), decided to partner with the ACA Research and Education Foundation to continue his mission.

2020 and Beyond

Now more than ever, we want to emphasize the important role pharmacists play in keeping their communities safe. Our goal was to select a new name and visual identity that would clearly convey our focus on furthering the public health role of the pharmacist.

In February 2020, the ACA Foundation Board, with the approval of the family of Fred Mayer, approved a name change for PPSI.

Our new name: Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives (PPHI) demonstrates our commitment to working with pharmacists, organizations, and other healthcare providers to improve the health of the world around us.

And so we are excited to share with you the new Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives and introduce our steering committee and new logo.


Paul W. Lofholm, PharmD, FACA, Chair
Steve Pryor, PharmD, FACA, President of the ACA Foundation
Daniel A. Hussar, PhD
Dixie Leikach, RPh, MBA, FACA
RADM (ret) Pamela Schweitzer, PharmD

Our New Logos

Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives
Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives

Our new logo is a clean, modern image that will be uniquely identified with our organization. The green cross represents the profession of pharmacy. The open semi-circle created by the curved bars at the bottom suggests a traditional mortar while also demonstrating support for the cross element and openness to the surrounding environment, In addition to the traditional green cross, the logo incorporates red from the ACA Foundation logo and blue from ACA

What’s Next?

Over the next six weeks, you will continue to see the name and logo for Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives replace the old name and logo on our website, emails, and other communications. Our goal is to complete our transition and launch our new website at www.publichealthpharmacists.org by August 15.

As our new steering committee members continue to work on refining the vision and action plan for our organization, we will keep you updated via email and social media.