CBD Webinar

CBD Update: Having the Facts To Answer Your Patient’s Questions


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Recently, it has become almost impossible to pick-up the newspaper or watch the evening news without seeing a story, advertisement, or a “medical professional” weighing-in either for a new CBD product, a new use for CBD, or against the ever increasing use and societal acceptance of CBD as a legitimate product to treat ailments.

Just as healthcare professionals are being bombarded with these daily “revelations”, so too are our patients. With the many endorsements from users of all walks of life, fame, and social status, it is understandable that our patients will not only hear about CBD, but also be confused enough to seek an “experts” opinion on its use.

Pharmacists, as America’s drug experts must become thoroughly familiar with this “new” drug, just as we do for all the other new drugs that enter the market. There are now sufficient studies and clinical trials regarding medical uses for CBD, so much so, that all Pharmacists should be aware that CBD does possess valid, documentable, medical benefits for many illnesses.

We must embrace the concept that this drug will not only be tried by many, but its use, possible drug interactions, and questionable quality from product to product, will add uncertainty and apprehension in the public’s mind leading at best, to questionable positive outcomes, or possible severe ADR’s.

When Pharmacists become thoroughly familiar with CBD, we will be more comfortable providing our patients with factual, high-quality answers to their CBD questions.

*This program will be available on-demand approximately 2-3 days after the live transmission.