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Community Pharmacy Scholarship

The American College of Apothecaries (ACA), and Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company are offering up to four (4) $2,500 pharmacy students scholarships each year.  Two scholarships will be awarded each year at ACA/ACVP Annual Conference & Expo, and two scholarships will be awarded at another ACA or ACVP Conference.  Students must be able to attend the conference to receive the scholarship.  The scholarship presentation will be at the Thursday or Friday Awards Luncheon, depending on the Conference.

How Do I Apply?

Recipients of the scholarship will be selected by the Foundation based on the following applicant criteria:

All applicants must:

  1. Fill out the Scholarship Application below. Incomplete applications may be summarily disqualified from consideration.
  2. Be currently enrolled in an accredited college of pharmacy.
  3. Be a current ACA or ACVP Student Pharmacist member.
  4. Be able to attend ACA and ACVP Board meetings and the ACA Foundation Board meetings.
  5. Preferably be nominated by a current ACA, or ACVP member who plans to attend the ACA or ACVP Conference.
  6. Submit a letter of support. This can be the same individual who nominated the applicant.
  7. Submit an essay of up to 500 words describing how you would help in the future to advance Community Pharmacy Patient Care.
  8. Attend the Conference to receive the the scholarship funds.

How do I join?

Visit the following websites for membership information.

ACA Student Membership
ACVP Student Membership
Community Pharmacy Scholarship Application