Giving Societies

Giving Societies recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions since 2000 to the ACA Research and Education Foundation. Click below to set up a Monthly or Annual One-Time or Recurring Donation to the ACA Foundation.

Founders Club ($150,000 and above)

Lucy Malmberg
John & Deborah Oftebro
Walter Scheffe*

Chairman’s Circle ($75,000 – $149,999)

Bill Bradley*
Don Coody
D. C. Huffman*
Bernard Klouda*
Howard Stark

President’s Circle ($25,000 – $74,999)

Jeff Denton
Calvin & Carol Freedman
Terri Hall-Klouda
Tom & Toni Hunt
Calvin & Orsula Knowlton
Paul Lofholm

Mortar & Pestle Society  ($10,000 – $24,999)

Buford Abeldt
Greg Johansen
Gary Kirk
David Liebman
Larry Mayhew*
Kathleen Munday
Joe Odumodu
Jerry Ritt
Ben Smith
Bob Uzzo*
Gary Wingate

1940 Society ($1,940 – $9,999)

Ben Allison
Armond Angelucci*
Patricia Angelucci
Mazen Baisa
Edward Boyd
Gigi Davidson
James Gollin
Gary Gray
Jerry Greene
Ed & Pam Hesterlee
Carolyn Hilscher
Dennis McCalliam
Leo McStroul
Edward Molloy
Clay Moore
Randall and Deirdre Myers
Robert O’Hara
Linda Sarpong
James Seymour
Mimi Shannahan
Nelson Showalter
Thomas Silvonek
Frank Smith
Rob Standridge
Evelyn Timmons*
Joshua Van Vooren
Tim Watson
Jay Watts
Gilbert Weise
Natalie Young


Totals as of April 30, 2024.