Go on, give it a little push

The phrase “pushing the envelope” originated with American test pilots in the 1940s. Each aircraft they flew was said to have an “envelope” of performance: It was designed to fly safely up to a certain speed for a certain distance at a certain altitude. The job of test pilots was to “push the envelope” by making the plane go faster, farther, and higher than specifications indicated.

As we approach our 75th Anniversary, we’re working on ways for both the ACA and the ACVP to “push the envelope” to ensure your success.  Our goal is to help you go faster, farther and higher and we do that by offering CE classes here at our offices, Specialty Conferences like Compounding – What’s Happening? and Marketing – What’s Happening and of course our CEnter.

And we need your help to “push the envelope” as well. Forward this link to a colleague!  Invite them to join you at one of the Speciality Conferences or make a donation today to the Foundation.  Together we’ll all go faster, farther, and higher!