(March 2021) – Even as the rollout of the COVIC vaccines accelerate with more availability and access, there is a worry among health care professionals involved with the vaccine that a significant percentage of the population, including health care professionals, may continue to balk at getting the shot(s) due to a variety of concerns.

The process has involved pharmacists from early on in the rollout as the CDC permitted pharmacists and pharmacy technicians permission to administer the vaccine after proper training.

Now the pharmaceutical profession can play another role in influencing those people reluctant to get the shot: public relations.

Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives has provided a messaging tool kit with sample social media posts, including complementary images, that are easy to use and are aimed at getting the word out to customers and pharmacy followers that they should get the vaccine.

Additional updated resources, including answering questions & addressing myths about the vaccine are at the Prescribe Wellness blog and at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Sample tweets and images you can link to your pharmacy or vaccination registration site

  • Getting vaccinated is quicker than ordering food in a drive-thru window! (your link here) right click & download: Drive Thru
  • Get the COVID vaccine. Let’s get moving. (your link here) right click and download: Crowd
  • Vaccines mean Easter egg hunts together. (your link here) right click and download: Eggs
  • Vaccinate and celebrate Passover together. (your link here) right click and download: Passover
  • Get vaccinated and get back to the ballpark. (your link here) right click and download: Stadium Seats
  • Vaccinations lead to open picnic baskets with family, friends. (your link here) right click and download: Picnic Basket
  • Get the vaccine, strike a match! Backyard barbecues make a comeback. (your link here) right click and download: BBQ